Trail Book Loans, Australian Business Credit and The Australian Mortgage Awards 2020

The Australian Mortgage Awards announced today that Trail Book Loans has been nominated for Best Industry Service and Surinder Agnihotri, Founder and General Manager of the Australian Business Credit group has been nominated for Best Non-bank BDM.

The team at Australian Business Credit are very pleased and grateful to be nominated, Surinder commenting “To have the team recognised again as a provider for the industry and not a lender is humbling. We built a fit for purpose product that is seen by the industry as exactly that. Congratulations and good luck to the other finalists in our category and also to all the hard working brokers out there recognised by these awards”.

Trail Book Loans and Australian Business Credit are in good company with Broker Essentials, HLE Nepal, Load Loans and NextGen.Net in the Best Industry Service category and Alastair McCosh of Resimac, Belinda Gray or Bluestone, Drew Clegg and  Jessica Pringle of Pepper Money, Glen Gillespie of Better Mortgage Management,  John Maxwell of Victorian Mortgage Group,  Matthew Hall of Liberty and Nicole Evans of Wisr in the Best Non-bank BDM category. 

The 19th Australian Mortgage Awards continues to be the leading independent awards event for the mortgage industry, recognising excellence and highlighting the outstanding achievements of those in the business.

Winning an Australian Mortgage Award is a career-defining moment for brokers and brokerages across Australia.

Australian Business Credit is an Australian owned business finance company created by professionals who have a long history in aggregation, finance and funding.

Our products Trail Book Loans, Rent Roll Loans, Commission Loans and Trail Finder provide solutions in niche sectors to meet the growing needs of businesses, especially commission based businesses. We have a principal focus on providing niche products that the banks don’t want to service, as well as bespoke financing solutions.  

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