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In the finance industry, income often revolves around regular commission payments over a period of time.  Australian Business Credit offers a range of financing options that use these income streams as security to access funds to address immediate business needs.  

We treat income streams as an asset.  We value that regular income, in whatever form it may come in, and can lend against it, generally without the need of mortgage or other security. 

Our simple commission financing products include:

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage broker commission financing is provided through our ‘Trail Book Loans’ division.  Trail Book Loans is a specialist financier focussing on providing finance against brokers’ most valuable asset - their trail commission.  Our product is designed to meet the needs of the broking industry, unlocking the significant value in trail books without the need to sell them.

Benefits of our Trail Book Loans:

  • One simple product designed by brokers for brokers
  • Create income up front by financing against your trail book commissions
  • Simple assessment and fast approvals
  • Can be used for any business purpose or simply to assist with business growth
  • No second mortgage required

It’s simple – we lend against trail commissions to enable mortgage brokers to unlock capital within their business, eliminating the need for a second mortgage.  The product is designed for mortgage brokers to secure up front capital for any business purpose.

For more information, visit the Trail Book Loans website

Financial Planner & Insurance Broker

Similar to our mortgage broker commission loans through Trail Book Loans, our Financial Planning and Insurance Broker Loans provide funding secured against your fees and trail commissions received from the provision of financial products to your clients including but not limited to life insurance, total and permanent disability and trauma insurance and superannuation funds under management.

Australian Business Credit has designed this product specifically for financial planners to enable access to capital for any business purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Planning and insurance book acquisitions
  • Business growth
  • Buying out business partners
  • ATO debts
  • Debt reallocation

We size our loans based on your monthly income and income mix that you receive from your dealer group for servicing your clients.  We do not typically require additional security as we value the capital locked up in your business.

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